Growing Trend of E-Commerce in Pakistan

The interest rate of internet penetration from the Pakistani community has remarkably exceeded as opposed to neighboring countries like India and China lately. In line with market research conducted in 2009, India was really the only country from third-world region with 3G services. It turned out then just the couple of time that India's internet penetration rate sky-rocketed. Same is the situation with Sri Lanka, the hockey-stick of the pattern by India worked.

In accordance with a recently available survey, it is estimated that this network of Pakistan are going to be populated to 55+ million users by the end of 2019. The core reason behind the encouraging development of online consumers is the one and only the same pattern as of India and Sri Lanka. Together with it, the advancement to 4G has opened new corridors of access.

Handiness with web Payment:

People are fond of purchasing online stuff when they're offered money delivery (COD) option. Around 95% with the users take it as being a leap of faith and feel quite satisfied to cover the amount of money following your stuff is delivered. However, the trending banking sector has also initiated different method of online payment as well.

With growing reputable online brands, online consumers have started to share their charge card information for online purchasing likewise. It really is brought an important breakthrough within the good IT industry in Pakistan.

Maturing Parcel Delivery & Logistics Infrastructure:

It turned out precisely the same phenomenon that the entrepreneurs had to face in Silicon Valley at the begining of 90s. Without basic infrastructure of delivering the stuff to consumer's doorstep, IT industry has suffered a lot in the beginning in Pakistan as well. It was getting really hard to the online people to placed their trust with money to cloud shops prior to the idea that the delivery generally is a major issue.

Seeing no positive improvement in the attitude of internet consumers towards e-commerce, the then-brands initially ever sold of Pakistan utilized the medium of main-stream media. People seeing ads on reputable Tv stations believed to perform the possibility also it worked.

Educating Consumers:

Don't forget the growing trend of e-commerce stores, government of Pakistan has now passed an invoice making certain all the universities are bound to teach significance of e-commerce to youth.


Aside from all of the achievements, you can still find a multitude of barriers that e-commerce industry of Pakistan needs to deal with:
• Discouraging policies of Government.
• Low literacy rate.
• Misconception regarding e-commerce industry of Pakistan.


Go for wrong to state that Pakistan's IT industry has joined the party quite late. Nevertheless the booming response from citizens has raised eye-brows of leading IT gurus nowadays. Within regardless of of their time, the brands like,, and have developed an attractive worth to online consumers.

These efforts put from the major e-commerce brands have ultimately encouraged the internet users to acquire stuff. And quantity of facilities, these brands became major economic stabilizer of Pakistan. On the whole, it turned out the few educating online consumers of Pakistan.

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